Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour

The Chemists’ Club’s offers several tours as a part of our mission to foster connections and increase awareness of chemical industries. The Anheuser Busch (AB InBev) Brewery tour, which is open to the public, presents as an educational, social, and gastronomic experience designed to entice people of all backgrounds. The low admission fee and All the Beer You Can Drink help attract people as well!

Usually, a chartered bus collects attendees at Newark Penn Station at two different times, for two tours. Attendees may choose to participate in a tour or stay in the eating area the whole time if they have already been on it—many people just come for the conversation and food! The tour, however, deserves to be viewed multiple times, as different presenters offer glimpses of various rooms and describe different processes.

Typically, the tour begins in packaging. Tour guides insist on attendees following rigorous safety protocol; helmets, goggles, and ear plugs must be worn even if the packing lines are not in operation. What is the major difference between the treatment processes for cans vs. kegs? Go on the tour to find out! Next the tour moves to the brewery, where attendees can peer into enormous lauter tuns and smell an atmosphere that takes some getting used to. Perhaps the tour will pass through a room full of hops or the control center. Either way, attendees should pay good attention to details, for there may be a quiz following the tour with gift-packaged bottles of Stella Artois as prizes!