Student Job Platform

The Chemists' Club is excited to announce the launch of its student job platform designed specifically for the chemical and chemical engineering industries.

Learn how to make your profile below!

  1. On www., select "Member Login."

  2. Enter your username and password and select "Submit."
    If you do not have an account with The Chemists' Club, please contact Noel Namuco at with your full name and email. 

  3. Select "Member Information."

  4. Select "Change Contact/Profile Info."

  5. Enter your information, copy and paste the contents of your resume/CV under "Resume", and select "Submit."

  6. Select "Other Info."

  7. Select "Upload/Change My Documents."

  8. Select "Add New Document."

  9. Upload any relevant document (i.e. resume, CV, thesis, publication), fill out the relevant fields, select "Submit."

  10. Check your email regularly for interest by companies.