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"The Chemist's Club has been a great training ground for me as a college student and continues to be a potential wealth of opportunities for me as a professional. I joined The Chemists' Club of New York in Fall of 2013. I was a student from the City College of New York. With my induction into the Chemists' Club, the professional members guided and encouraged me to put my foot forward and build my networking skills. Through the events such as Kavaler Award, Winthrop-Sears Awards and speed networking sessions on college campuses across the city, I became more comfortable conversing with decision makers of organizations. This in turn helped me build my confidence and interview skills that successfully helped me to be able to join the ranks of BASF. The leadership opportunities that the Chemists' Club provides are key skills that chemical industry is looking for."
-Andre Smithson (BASF- Field Technical Service Rep., Automotive Coatings Solutions), Chemists' Club YPN Member since 2013


"My involvement in the Chemists' Club began in the fall of 2018 when I was invited to the Kavaler Gala. That night I was able to network with fellow students, practice my public speaking skills, and hear from leaders in the industry. I spoke with many people who worked at Olin and asked for advice about my application to the summer internship program. After I was accepted to the program in Freeport, Texas I kept in contact with everyone from the Chemists' Club and I actively recruited fellow students from Manhattan College. Because I was invited into the Chemists' Club I've been able to learn so much valuable industry knowledge beyond the classroom.
After graduation I've accepted a position at Olin thanks to the mentorship that the Chemists' Club has provided me. I'm looking forward to a great career at Olin and a lifelong involvement in the Chemists' Club."
-Emery Watson (Olin- Production Engineer), Chemists' Club YPN Member since 2018


"The Chemists’ Club has been an amazing experience that has given me the confidence and the skills that are needed to succeed in the professional field. The club has taught me to take initiative and create long lasting connections through a simple conversation. I have met successful people that have given me an amazing support system and advice that has helped me in both my college career and the workspace. This wonderful club has shaped me into a great leader, and I hope to be able to foster development in other students wishing to progress professionally as well."
-Muqsiteen Aleema (The City College of New York- Student), The Chemists' Club Student Chapter Member since 2018

"As a neophyte in the pharmaceutical industry, I was invited by Mr. G., a well-known chemist, at The Chemists’ Club in NYC for lunch.  I arrived, not at a diner as I expected, but at The Chemists’ Club, a magnificent, structurally significant, ten-story building.  I walked in to see a stunning curving marble staircase and a long, mahogany bar.  
Each floor was more unique than the previous – I saw a billiards room, social rooms, and a grand dining room with one table marked “Community Table.” The third floor revealed a breathtaking library with the original papers and books from many famous chemists.  The remaining rooms were reserved for residential use or duly-equipped laboratories -- all of which could be rented by membership.  
After the tour, Mr. G proposed I accept his nomination for membership, assuring me he would secure me a “second”, the way it was done in those days.  The club had only recently started admitting females, in the 70s, and it was an honor to join ranks with these notable chemists.   
I was in full awe for my full first year in 1978.  I couldn’t rush quickly enough from my employer to the Club, by train, for Thursday cocktails.  I ate at the Community Table on many days off. It was a thrilling experience to meet chemists of such stature. 
Over time, I experienced a sense of camaraderie with them that was distinctly different from other scientific organizations. I found a genuine warmth and a willingness to share exposure to their world, and, occasionally, some great advice.
As a female moving through a mostly male world, this instilled in me a sense of confidence that carried me through key promotions and the chance to become a co-author of a book for the pharmaceutical industry.  I also learned enough resolve to serve on local and state boards and committees, without knees knocking.
The Universe has been kind to me in affiliating me with The Chemists’ Club and its important functions and events, and it is my honor to continue."
-Jeannine Der Bedrosian (Lyme Disease Association- Officer, Board of Directors), Chemists' Club Professional member since 1978