Egg Nog Gala

The Egg Nog Gala is an annual Chemists' Club event held in December at the New York Academy of Sciences. Thanks to corporate sponsorship, the gala provides an excellent opportunity for current students and professionals from across the chemical process industries to connect and interact with each other. A long-standing tradition of the Chemists‘ Club, the Egg Nog Gala began in 1898.

The Egg Nog Gala is an opportunity for members to connect with other industry professionals and for students to promote themselves as well. The gala consists of cocktails, dinner, and a ceremony and presentation of the Winthrop-Sears award. The Winthrop-Sears award began in 1970 and is presented to an individual who has made major contributions to the chemical process industry and humanity.

The Egg Nog Gala is a respected event with many traditions, most notably the passing of the eggnog recipe. This ritual, almost as old as the Egg Nog Gala itself, is a rite of passage between the past president of the Chemists‘ Club and the current president in which a secret eggnog recipe is handed down to the incoming president. The new president is then able to prepare this secret recipe, which is then ceremoniously added to the eggnog and served to members of the party. Following the "spiking of the nog" ritual and with an eggnog glass in every hand, the gala can now officially commence.

Thanks to corporate sponsorship, student members are able to attend the Egg Nog Gala free of charge. The Chemists‘ Club stands out from other organizations due to the professional exposure it provides to its student members. Students are not only trusted with the responsibility of planning events but are also given the chance to learn how to interact with professionals that they may work with in the future.

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