This traditional festivity, believed to be the longest such continuing event, attracts guests from across the chemical based industries as well as others who have an interest in the industry, such as financial analysts and consultants.

Corporate sponsors enable the Club to invite college students, both graduate and undergraduate, free of charge. The informal networking gives the students an invaluable opportunity to learn about the industry, and some recruiting has been known to occur.

The Winthrop-Sears Medal is presented each year at dinner which is held in December at the New York Academy of Sciences. The award was established by The Chemists’ Club in 1970 to recognize individuals who, by their entrepreneurial achievement, have contributed to the vitality of the chemical industry and to the betterment of humanity. The medal is named in honor of two of America’s earliest chemical entrepreneurs, John Winthrop, Jr., considered the first chemist in America, and John Sears, creator of the Massachusetts salt industry.

                                                            Past medal winners   

                                                                  Mario Nappa
                                                               John Panichella
                                                                  Scott Power
                                                                  Joel Marcus
                                                             Peter McCausland
                                                                  Phillip Sharp
                                                                 Herbert Boyer
                                                                    Sol Barer 
                                                               Harold Sorgenti
                                                                 Leonard Pool
                                                                  Gordon Cain
                                                                   Robert Gore
                                                                 Jon Huntsman


The 2019 Egg Nog Gala 

The club's 122nd Annual Egg Nog Gala Dinner at the New York Academy of Sciences was a great success, both in terms of attendance and the obvious enjoyment of the attendees. During the event, the Winthrop-Sears Medal for entrepreneurial achievement was awarded to William Wulfsohn, CEO of Ashland Holdings.  In his acceptance speech, he displayed a modesty that was enthusiastically received by the audience which included a large number of young professionals, management personnel and students.


The Chemists' Club president, Dr. Roland Stefandl, awarded William A. Wulfsohn, chairman and CEO of Ashland Global Holdings the 2019 Winthrop-Sears Medal for entrepreneurial excellence in the chemical industry. Wulfsohn received the medal at the club's 122nd annual Egg Nog Gala, held on December 12 at the New York Academy of Sciences.
Since joining Ashland in 2015, Wulfsohn has led the transformation of the company into an innovative partner that is "always solving" for its specialty chemicals customers in more than 100 countries. Under Wulfsohn's leadership, Ashland's solvers develop practical, innovative and elegant solutions to complex problems, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, to advance the competitiveness of their customers across diverse industries. Wulfsohn also sits on the board of directors of PolyOne Corporation. Prior to joining Ashland, he was president and CEO of Carpenter Technology and served on its board of directors. He earned a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University.
The Winthrop-Sears Medal recognizes entrepreneurial achievements in the chemical industry. The medal is named in honor of two of America's earliest chemical entrepreneurs, John Winthrop, Jr., considered the nation's first chemist, and John Sears, who founded its salt industry. Previous recipients include Mario Nappa (Chemours), Peter McCausland (Airgas), Sol Barer (Celgene), Robert Gore (Gore-Tex), and Jon M. Huntsman (Huntsman Chemical Corporation).