Carver-Curie Diversity Award

Initially awarded in 2018, the Carver-Curie Award is named after George Washington Carver, a scientist born into slavery in the 1860s, and Marie Curie, a two-time female Nobel Prize winner from Poland. The achievements of these two world-class scientists epitomize the advantages that diversity and inclusion offer the chemical industry and the world.

The recipient of the Carver-Curie award is selected from the top 100 chemical companies with a billion dollars or more in sales by a wide-ranging committee of industry chief executives. The evaluation criteria include: demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion; diversity within corporate leadership and the board of directors; hiring practices; business methods and standards; employee groups and opportunities that support a more diverse and inclusive workforce; public support and, commitment to diversity and inclusion. The 30 highest ranked companies are then selected and representatives from each company vote for the 10 top chemical companies achieving diversity and inclusion. The awardee is the company that receives the most votes.